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Diego Campverde

Diego Martín Campoverde Cisneros

Birth Place:
Cuenca, Ecuador

I have a large family – Mommy and Daddy, 7 siblings, 6 total brothers and sisters in-law and 13 nieces and nephews; the little ones are my passion.

EATING!!! – Also, I like to read, go out with my friends, listen to music, swim, travel and EAT!!!

Favorite Sport:

Favorite Actor/Actress:
Jodie Foster, Roberto Gómez Bolaños
and Homer Simpson (is he a real actor???).

Favorite Movie:
Silence of the Lambs

Favorite Book:
La Casa de los Espíritus, by Isabel Allende

What are your greatest fears:
My neighbor (because he sings and screams at around 2am in the morning), and my Bosses.

Three words that describe your Personality:
Sociable, Patient (veeerrryyyyy patient), Communicative—chismoso (it's part of my profession).

How did you get started in Radio?
Those “responsible” for getting me into radio are two of my best friends: Tania Barrezueta and Andy Peppard. Tania, a former classmate of mine, offered me a position as a radio producer at Trilogía, an Advertising Agency in my hometown Cuenca in 1999. By working there I pretty much learned what I know about radio production. After graduating with a Social Communications degree from the University in Ecuador, I decided to come to the States. While I was living in O’Fallon Missouri, my friend Andrew told me: “Diego, I have a friend (my current boss, Luis Montoto) who wants someone that knows about radio and media production. The rest is history. Since 2002 I’ve been working for Mid-West Family Broadcasting as part of Madison, Wisconsin’s first 24-hour Spanish-language radio station, La Movida 1480 AM, WLMV “Donde sí la mueves”.

Who would you like to interview and what questions would you ask?
In the music world, I would love to interview the band U2 and Shakira, of course!  I would ask them what has inspired them to write and compose such wonderful songs. In the political world, I’d choose the former dictator from Cuba, Fidel Castro. Another interesting and influential personality that I’d like to talk to is Pope Benedict XVI.

What other talents do you have?
Talents??? EATING!!! I eat a lot! A lot!!  I also consider myself very super organized person.

Any Habits?

Who has influenced your life?
God, my parents, my siblings, my nieces and nephews, my friends, my professors, my books…

Who or what do you believe in?
I believe in God (where ever He may be), I believe in myself and in my family. I believe in equal rights for all human beings, I believe in freedom of speech, and in freedom in general.

Who and Why do you admire?
My mother Yolanda, for her intelligence, moral and spiritual values, and her love, which has guided me in life and set an example for me to follow.

Other than Radio DJ what other job would you like to have?
I really, really would love to travel the world; I’d go to poor countries to spread the message of prevention of HIV and AIDS.

Phrase or saying you regularly use?
My friend Caty Serrano once sent me a phrase that made quite an impact in my life: “You world is a reflection of the thoughts and beliefs inside of you…change them and your world will change…you can have anything you want and have the exact life that you want.” Thanks CATA!

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