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Eduardo Cobos

Birth place: Durango, Mexico
Family:  wife Ana and three kids; Aimee, Kathy and Eduardo II
Hobbies: listen music, listen radio, and sing.
Favorite sport: raquet ball
Favorite actor/actress: Pedro Armendariz,
Favorite movie:  Enough
Favorite book:  mis dos hermanos, by Juanita Castro
What are your greatest fears:  not see my kids grow.
Three words that describe your personality:  sassy, fun-loving, direct.
How did you started in radio?:
I have always enjoyed the world of communication.  In the 80's I started a little bit in Mexico, then I moved to Elgin, IL.  There I was a part of a music group for about 10 years.  One day a Spanish Radio DJ asked invited me as a guest on his radio show. That is where I was introduced to radio, and fell in love with it.  I enjoyed it so much that in 1997 I opened my own radio program in Beloit, WI.  I was the DJ, producer, sales rep…Ii did it all and truly enjoyed it.  I added 5 people to my program to give the public variety and quality radio listening that was enjoyed by all for the next 16 years.  I also taught classes at rock valley college on "how to start your own business"  I have always enjoyed helping people and passing on my successful experiences.
In May of 2013, Ii received a call from Luis Montoto, Program Director of La Movida in Madison, with news that Mid-West Family Broadcasting was looking to open a new radio station (La Movida 1330 am) in Rockford.  They needed someone to manage it and here I am.  I am very excited because I love
radio and I know that with hard work and a positive attitude anything is possible.  Thanks to god, the great team here at La Movida, the support of my family and you my public!  I hope you enjoy my work on my program "Shake It Before Noon"
Phrase or saying you regularly use? : "Don't blame others for what happens to you, not even God.  Only you are responsible for your actions."


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