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Lupita Montoto

Lupita F. Montoto

Birth Place:

I have a wonderful family—my husband Luis, and my sons Luis Angel and Manuel Guadalupe. I also have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, of which I am the third eldest. We are originally from the state of Veracruz, although my family currently resides in the city of Reynosa, in the northern state of Tamaulipas, Mexico.

I really love to travel and I try to do so as often as possible. I love to experience the scenery of exotic places. I also enjoy watching movies, going to concerts and theater. I really do enjoy the company of my family; as often as possible I try to go out to places where I can spend valuable time with my loved ones. Of course, I like partying with friends.

Favorite Sport:
I don’t have a favorite sport, but I would love to practice gymnastics, figure skating, and I think I would also like to play tennis.

Favorite Actor/Actress:
Among my favorite actors rank Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts (because she has a great smile like mine), and fellow “Veracruzana” Salma Hayek. Also, my favorite comedian is the unforgettable Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”.

Favorite Movie:
Titanic, Passion of the Christ, Shrek, Spiderman and The Incredibles.

Favorite Book/Play:
Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

What are your greatest fears?
Wars, terrorists, reptiles, rats and cats.

Three words that describe your Personality:
Happy, Enthusiastic, Positive, Strong and Intelligent (I was asked for three words and I came up with five, too bad!!!).

How did you get started in Radio?
My husband Luis—who came up with the wonderful idea of establishing Madison, Wisconsin’s first full-time Spanish-language radio station—, brought me into radio. I’ve been involved in different aspects of the business like organization, administration, and sales, all while starting my career as a Disc Jockey. I have to admit that before getting to where we are, it never crossed my mind that one day I was going to become a radio personality, something that has made me proud and happy given how satisfying radio can be as a career. 

Who would you like to interview and what questions would you ask?
Ricardo Arjona, since he is my favorite artist.  I would ask him what inspires him to compose the way he does, how he is able to describe “love” in only three words. I’d also ask him who he admires, and where he sees his career going. As for politics, I would like to interview the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox. I would ask him why he wasn’t bolder with his campaign proposals when trying to pass his agenda, and why he did not fulfill his campaign promises.

What other talents do you have?
I think I’m talented at motivating people and also listening to them. I also have a talent for finances, and also know how to write in shorthand (tachygraphy).

Any Habits?
Eating—I love desserts.  Of course I love shopping. I have the habit of shopping so much that I’ve bought the same things over and over.

Who has influenced your life?
My family in general, particularly my husband and my sons.  It is also my desire to contribute to my community in a positive manner, so the quality of life for all immigrants in this country improves.

Who or what do you believe in?
I believe in God, in the Virgin Mary and in the true testimony of so many innocent people throughout the world that are paying for acts they had no involvement in. I believe in the innocence of children, since one day, they will save this world from its destruction.

Who and Why do you admire?
My parents for having the strength and courage to raise a strong, solid, educated family with strong moral principles, even when dealing with all the struggles and adversity of being very poor.  They always raised us with a positive outlook about life. Thus, all their hard work has paid off through my siblings and nieces/nephews.   I’m thankful that through their relentless hard work and strong family values, I’ve become the person that I am today, accomplishing my personal and professional goals without forgetting my dreams.

Other than Radio DJ what other job would you like to have?
Psychologist and a Professional Speaker.

Phrases or sayings you regularly utilize?
I have several: “If you set your mind to it, you can accomplish it”, “Que Buena Onda” (cool), “Bueno, Bye”.

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